Why Women Should Start Buying OTF Knives


Let’s face it, the way the world is right now makes it a very dangerous place for women in general. Anyone can understand just how difficult life can be for a women, and if you have doubts about it just think of how much of a trope it’s become to show a woman walking down a street at night in movies to signify to viewers that something dangerous is about to happen. The lot of women in the world is so low that the sight of a woman alone has become a powerful symbol for danger in our subconscious minds.

Women should start looking for ways to protect themselves, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that when it comes down to it being able to defend yourself can mean the difference between life or death in a wide variety of situations. You should look into what is the best otf knife on the market due to the reason that these knives are great for those that are looking for a smart way of defending themselves without being too obvious.

The great thing about a knife is that you can use it in close quarters and it won’t really have any danger of hurting you in the same manner that pepper spray or anything similar to that might do. In fact, just the act of pulling out an OTF knife can potentially scare your attacker so much that they would run off screaming. You need to realize that attackers that prey on women only do so because they want a weird target, so any show of armed resistance can make them change their minds.

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