Why is Landscape Lighting So Expensive?

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The invention of electric powered light bulbs is likely one of the most significant innovations that we tend to take for granted at any given point in time. Prior to the creation of such bulbs, people usually had to depend on rather old fashioned lighting tools which often involved things like flame in some way, shape or form. These types of lights obviously weren’t all that safe to use, and suffice it to say that we can now rely on much safer forms of lighting that we can use to illuminate our homes at any given point in time.

Most of the lights that you would have in your possession would be used inside of your residential domicile, but there are also a wide range of outdoor lights that you can have a landscape lighting company in Austin install on your behalf. You might notice that these lights are actually quite expensive, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they tend to be made of materials like brass which cost a lot more than plastic.

Brass is the only material that is capable of weathering the elements and making it so that each light that you are using will last as long as possible. Indoor lighting does not have to contend with rain and vast quantities of hot sunlight, and that means that plastic is an appropriate material for those occasions. However, when it comes to outdoor lighting, you definitely need to use brass and that is why such lights tend to be a lot more expensive than you would have initially ended up suspecting them to be.

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