Who Needs a Periodontist?

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Any type of dental problems related to diseases and implants are treated by periodontists. However, there might be several reasons for you to visit a periodontist.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you might need to visit a periodontist.

Visiting a Periodontist

If you’re suffering from bad gums, or want implants, you should visit a periodontist in Clairemont Mesa to get proper treatment.

You can also pay for a periodontist visit for tissue sculpting, extracting your teeth, and bone grafting. These things come under the domain and specialties of a periodontist as well.

Periodontist Vs Dentist

You might be thinking about the difference between your regular dentist, and a periodontist. You will be amazed to know that dentists can do everything which can be done by a periodontist. However, periodontists have special training and skills to perform certain tasks in a better way. So, visiting your periodontist every once in a while can help keep your teeth and gums in the best shape.

Removing Teeth

Although tooth extraction might look like an easy task, it can actually damage your jawbone if done improperly. This way, special training and procedure is needed to make your bone heal after the tooth removal process.

The old method of removing teeth can cause lots of problems like damage to your surrounding teeth, causing so much damage that getting a dental implant becomes difficult for you, and you might even need a surgery afterwards.

On the other hand, an experienced periodontist always takes care of your jawbone when extracting your tooth. So, if you want to avoid any type of damage to your teeth, you should visit a periodontist for tooth removal.

If you want to avoid these procedures, you should start following a good dental hygiene routine as soon as possible.

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