What is Integrated Pest Management?

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When carrying out any type of pest control it should always be based on principles which make sure that common sense prevails because in the past there have been some ways to tackle pest infestation which have been very effective in one way and devastative in the other, Integrated pest management is an approach which is based on common sense principles as this is not only effective but also environmental friendly as well, the basis of this approach is more long term rather than a quick fix, IPM is seen as a breakthrough in what many of the scientists were trying to achieve and it is so much more than just simple pest cleaning exercises that we have been carrying out for ages, and worryingly we weren’t aware of the damage that we had been doing to the environment with it, but with the passage of time it showed how our techniques have not been kind to the environment and change was needed.

IPM works by managing the ecosystem and seeks to strike a combination of things which bring long term results which is so much more than just eliminating the pests that we see in front of us, for example under Integrated pest management the objective would be grow a healthy enough crop to withstand a pest attack and             one way to do it is to use disease-resistant plants, these are grown with the crops and help become part of a long term prevention method which does not only deal with the pest issue but also ensures that it leaves as little environmental footprint as possible plus it also poses zero to little threat to people as well. Pest Services | BBEC provided at the best rate for the residents of Pickerington, Dublin, Westerville and many other areas by Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus.

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