What Are The Four Main Types of Psychotherapy?

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Mental health has started to be seen as just as important as physical health if not more so, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that suffering from issues in your brain can have a really big impact on your quality of life at any given point in time. Preserving your mental health can be challenging if you have any kind of trauma that you are currently struggling to get through in some way, shape or form, so going to a therapist so that they can give you a helping hand would be well worth your while.

You should know that therapists in Batavia will be giving you one out of four main types of therapy. The first type, which also happens to be the most popular, is called cognitive behavioral therapy. Suffice it to say that this is the talk therapy that many people think of when the term is first mentioned, but the other three types have major benefits as well. The second type of therapy that a psychologist can provide to you is called psychoanalysis, and this is the classical form of therapy that Sigmund Freud invented in the previous century.

As for the other two types, they are called holistic therapy and dynamic therapy. They are a lot less commonly used than the other two types, but they are still really amazing because they can help you to come to terms with any past trauma and they can give you greater control over your emotional state in the long run. You will feel a lot happier after you start going to therapy.

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