Separation Anxiety in Dogs And How You Can Tone It Down

Does your dog get really uncomfortable when you leave the house. Does he barks or whines, destroys the furniture or defecates even if properly trained? All these signs allude to the manifestation of separation anxiety in the pet and with proper care and attention, there’s always a win to ease it for the dog.

Understanding Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a condition in dogs that is characterized by wild, frantic and unusual behavior which is observed when they are separated from their owners. Sometimes the pet owners mistake this behavior with disobedience and act in the wrong way.

The exact cause of separation anxiety may differ from dog to dog. For some it might be due to the change in owners and their surroundings, death of a close family member or a pet friend, premature adoption or even mere boredom.

To calm a pet during an attack due to separation anxiety, it is first important to understand that this behavior is not in the control of your pet and therefore you have to be reasonable about it too.

Know How to Calm Down a Dog

Calming down an anxious dog is not as difficult as it might seem. To help such pet owners, following are various tips that would help them tone down the anxiety attack.

Make Some Changes

The first step is to make such changes that a dog usually associated to departure. For instance, change the location of your keys, wallet or shoes and use a different door while leaving the house. While leaving, distract the dog with a treat, calming toy or taking them to exercise prior to departure, as a tired dog is less likely to pay attention to you departing.

Do Not Exaggerate Arrivals And Departure

Do not show too much emotion at the time you leave or when you return. Say goodbye calmly and don’t get too affectionate when you return and this way your dog won’t be too attached to your arrival.

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