Pros And Cons of Using Cell Phone Jammers

are cell phone jammers legal

Cell phone jammers are the devices that emit radio signals to block cell phones in their vicinity. Cell phone jammers can be small or large depending on their range of operation. When a cell phone in under the range of a cell phone jammer and someone calls that phone, it’ll show to be “Out Of Reach”. Every action related to the cellular signals on your cell phone goes unavailable. There are many types of cell phone jammers that you can buy on sites like

Functioning of Cell Phone Jammer

The working of a cell phone jammer is simple. It emits the radio waves of same frequency as the cellular networks, and so, it blocks all the incoming cellular signals to keep the cell phones away from receiving any calls.


While cell phones allow us to keep in contact with everyone we care about, the excessive use of cellphones is especially in private meetings and theaters is becoming more of a headache. You might even fall into a dangerous situation of you use the cellphone where you aren’t supposed to. Here are some advantages that we can get out of cell phone jammers.

  • Using jammers in the exam rooms can eliminate cheating.
  • Jammers can be used in private meetings to keep everyone focused.
  • They can also prove to be helpful in places like theatre, where other people might get disturbed due to the usage of mobile phone by someone else.
  • Jammers can be used to prevent terrorist attacks and improve the security situation of an area.


Like every other thing related to technology, cellphone jammers also have their own disadvantages. Here are some of their disadvantages.

  • If you block the Cellphone signals, someone might miss an emergency call.
  • Security officials can’t be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Some countries ban the usage of jammers in public places, so, you might face a penalty.

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