How Safe Are Deodorants?

are deodrant safe

Considered to be one of the core essentials of the modern-day lifestyle, deodorants or antiperspirants are as important and vita for anyone leaving the house as it is getting dressed. One cannot imagine leaving home without wearing it. For most people, they feel incomplete or ill-dressed if they are not wearing deodorants. These sprays or roll-ons have become pivotal in our hygiene routine. They fragrant products are primarily made out of various chemical compounds in addition to the actual fragrances. Similar to other beauty products like mascara, lipsticks, blush on, primer, nail polish and face masks, deodorants are also heavily loaded with various chemical compounds and not all of them are eco-friendly as with most cosmetics.

There are rumors about some chemicals in antiperspirants causing kidney diseases or even Breast cancer. There are also speculations about chemicals present in the deodorants being absorbed within facial pores for men after they shave and apply it. Those who support these claims also refer to the cases where mostly cancer develops in areas that have come in direct contact with deodorants. Whether we like them or despise them, one thing is certain that they are here to stay for a long time unless some advanced research changes things drastically which is highly unlikely. A lot of information about sensitive skin deodorants can be found on Aguideproduct website. The rumors and claims have all been denied by the governing bodies that are considered the most credible in their in own right including the International Kidney Foundation and American Cancer Research Society.

Although there are no major red flags, most medical health experts that have been involved in researches have advised time and time again to avoid the excess of these products to avoid any complications. Special care should be taken by individuals who have either poor renal function, or they have extremely sensitive skin which reacts to certain chemicals.

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