How Disease Can Affect Your Oral Health

Many people are unaware of how different illnesses, conditions, and diseases can affect your oral health. Many people who suffer from different sicknesses will find that their oral health has been highly affected by the disease being there. This can occur even if you do take care of your teeth through regular means. So the best thing to do in the situation would be finding a dentist in Stuart, and getting yourself a booking so you can get some specialist treatment for a special condition.

We will go on to discuss some of the diseases that can have such an effect on your oral health. We will be beginning with two eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia. Both of these disorders are cause by an extreme and often irrational fear of becoming overweight. In either case, people are often not getting all the necessary nutrients they need to keep their body healthy. The lack of nutrients also affects the teeth as the nutrients for both, keeping teeth healthy, and also preventing the tooth decay, can cause bad oral health over all. You can also read our article about going to a cardiologist here.

Another disease that can do a bit of damage in a really subtle way is diabetes. The really high blood sugar causes your mouth to dry up. Now normally having a dry mouth is not too bad. However, if it is happening too often then your teeth are missing out of an actual protective layer that usually stays over your teeth at all times. With saliva to give teeth extra protection, your teeth can end being affected by gum diseases. Strangely enough, not only does the gum disease benefit from diabetes but the gum disease also leads to diabetes increasing in intensity. This can turn into a pretty bad cycle of disease over time.

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