Welcome! I am so glad you are here! 

I’m Alaina – the owner of Accents Floral Design serving the Saint Louis Missouri area, the Midwest and pretty much anyplace flowers will take me.

I grew up strolling in the back pastures, picking wildflowers, and living most my days out in nature. So I’m sure you are thinking “aw what a sweet childhood story that made her always want to be a florist”. Well not actually. I can see more clearly now as to how that upbringing has played a big part in the career I have, but that’s not always how it was. I grew up wanting to be a meteorologist. It is what I went to college for and studied for years. It is not what I was meant to do though. Somewhere in my Junior year, my head and my heart met up and the decision was made not to forecast if it was going to rain or not, but to start coordinating weddings. For the next five years that’s what I chased…then my head and heart met up again! And you’ve guessed it- flowers! Since 2013, my life has been all things flowers. With over 3500 floral pieces designed, 15 features of my work published, 10 years in the wedding world, 75 bridal bouquets handed off and 2000+ vanilla lattes… I can say with so much love in my heart for what I do and the people I get to work with that I’m ready to help navigate you through the flower world when you are burnt out on the late night Pinterest scroll, worried if all the details will come together and just be a listening ear when your family is over the wedding planning. Let’s set up that initial meeting right now!


2017- Sinclair & Moore and Jessica Zimmerman

2016- Creative at Heart and Shanna Skidmore

2015- Illume Retreat and The Sketchbook Series

2014- Team Flower and Kate Holt

2009 to 2014- Worked as a Wedding Coordinator